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A Riddle?

We have carved out every mountain, we've pollished every stone. Chaotic when together, unoticable alone. While one of us could, in a snap, change your destiny, the next one of us up in line could be all but empty. Three words make up the answer, though they won't be found with ease, so keep on reading of this twisted riddle if u please. The first word is the one that tells you just how long we last, believe me when I tell you that we're born and die quite fast. The third word tells of what u get when together we all band. Let's tie another riddle in, of a face behind two hands. The second is an easy one, it's letter count is two. It simply shows relationship between the other two. We have all been adding up while you have played this game, no more hints, we've said too much, now try to guess our name.
pasteycracker Uploaded 09/22/2008
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