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The Crawlin Drunk

A really drunk guy is sitting at the bar getting wasted. After several hours of drinking he realizes that he could use some fresh air.The drunk then pushes himself off the stool, teeters for a second, then WHAM, falls flat on his face."Shit!" He then attempts to stand up again using the help of the stool. Gets up and then WHAM. Again he crumples to the ground. "Goddmamnit! I'm just gonna crawl outside".The drunk gets outside and decides to try to stand up again. WHAM. right on his face once again. The drunk realizes that he is gonna have to crawl home. He getes home and decides to sleep on his porch so he doesnt wake his wife. the next morning his wife wakes him up yelling. "You went down the street and got wasted again, didnt you asshole?" "Uh yeah," says the drunk, "How did you know?"
"Idiot!", she says "because they just called and you left your fucking wheelchair at the bar again!"
SexiestManAlive Uploaded 10/05/2008
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