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Da Pimp Want A Kid

Da Pimp wanted to have a kid so he calls up his hottest biatch on the right day and gives her all of his best. A few weeks later her belly starts swelling so he proudly takes her to a doctor to confirm his achievement. But after the examination the doctor saya "sorry, but her belly is only swollen because she drank so much beer".
Frustrated the pimp tries the whole procedure again, but the doctor gives them the same diagnosis "it's swollen from drinking so much beer, nothing else going on in there!"
After the fifth try, after the doctor repeats himself yet again, da pimp packs out his thing and holds it into the doctrors face and says: "Yo man, does this piece look like a m.f. beer tap to you?!"
Elexxx Uploaded 10/07/2008
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Tags: pimp pregnant lol


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