Little Boys Birthday

It was a little boys birthday. He asked his mom if he could take a shower with her and she said yes, but dont look down. He looked down anyways and said whats that, the mom said a bush. Then they got out. Later that day the boy got dirty so he asked his dad if he could take a shower with him. The dad said yes but dont look down. The boy looked down anyways. He asked what it was, and the dad said a snake. Then they got out. An hour later he came in his grandma's room and she was naked. He asked what those two things where and his grandma said my head lights. And the boy left. at 10:00 the boy went to bed and had a nightmare, so he asked his parents if he could sleep with them. They said yes but dont look under the covers. He did anyways and he yelled, "Grandma turn on your head lights, daddys snake is going in mommys bush!"
Uploaded 10/12/2008
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Tags: funny


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