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Death or Oonga Boonga

3 Guys are shipwrecked on a remote island when they hear this drumming. They head into the jungle and get captured by natives.

The Chief says to the first guy..."Death...or...Oonga Boonga!!!"
The guy says..."Oonga Boonga"
"Very well!!!" Says the Chief "Oonga Boonga" whereupon he tosses him into a cage where he gets cornholed by a 500 pound gorilla.

Chief turns to the 2nd guy..."Death...or...Oonga Boonga!!!"
Shaking a little after witnessing his buddy's atrocity, he thinks a bit and says, "...Oonga Boonga"
"Very well!!!" Says the Chief "Oonga Boonga". This guy gets cornholed by five of the meanest natives on the island and then an elephant is brought in which proceeds to cornhole him by virtue of it's trunk!

Horrified, the third guy watches and when the activity is finished, his friend is released. The Chief turns to him and asks "Death or Oonga Boonga!!!"
The quivering fellow immediately straightens his back juts out his chin and announces "DEATH!!! I choose Death!"
"Very well" says the Chief "Death by Oonga Boonga!"
djohn23 Uploaded 10/15/2008
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