Rich Man's Wife

One day in the mens locker room at a gym, a man answers a cell phone ringing, "Hun, I stopped at the mall and I found this awesome fur coat for sale I was wondering, can I get it?" The man looks grim and asks, "How much does it cost sweetie?" the wife replies "Its only a thousand, please???" He looks regretfully and says "Sure, why not hunny" The wife replies, "Thanks hun! awesome!... Ohh baby I just remembered that one SUV I wanted, I drove by the Mercedes-Benz dealer and they are having a huge sale! can I get it?" The man, appearing overwhelmed and confused, asks "how much are they asking for it?" The wife replies, "oh, its about 120k....???" The man quickly replies "Fine sweetie if your gonna spend that much I want it with ALL the options" the wife, very happy and thanking him, says "ok hunny ill see ya when I get home!" The man hangs up the phone, with a funny grin on his face, he turns around facing the 3 other men changing near him and he asks " Do you guys have any idea who's cell phone this might be?"
Uploaded 03/17/2011
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