Sams Magic Peaches

A man is driving around the countryside taking in its beauty when he spots a sign that reads "Sam's Magic Peaches". Curious he decides to stop. He approaches a farmer and asks in what way the peaches were magical. The farmer says the peaches can taste any way you want them to taste simply by asking. The man says: well then i would like a peanut butter and jelly peach. The farmer leaves then returns with a peach in hand. The man takes a bite and says: it only taste like peanut butter... to which the farmer replied.. " you have to turn it around and taste the other side". Which he did, and to his surprise it tasted like jelly. This is great said the man, "now can you bring me one that taste like pussy?" sure said the farmer ill bring one out.... the farmer returns with a peach and hands it to the man. The man takes an even bigger bite this time, he makes a disgusted face and spits out the peach... he then says "what the hell this tasted like shit, in no manner did it taste like pussy". To which the farmer said: You have to turn it around
Uploaded 12/17/2008
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