Satan's Stairs

Satan gets bored one day in Hell and decides to torture some people in a different manner.
He goes down to the dungeon and grabs a black, white, and mexican guy and takes them to the Stairs leading to the Entrance of Hell.

He says, one by one I will let you run, if you make it to the top without fault, You can leave.

He lets the black guy go, and the black guy runs as fast as he can up the stairs.
Money appears all around him and he keeps running, marijuana in dump trucks appear all around him, yet he keeps running, a naked white woman appears next to him, he trips and falls into a pit of lava.
Satan laughs, pleased with his little game, then releases the Mexican.
He runs, the money appears, the marijuana appears, then the naked woman appears and he stumbles and falls into the lava pit.
Satan laughs harder this time, then releases the White guy.
The White guy runs and runs, the money appears, the marijuana appears, the naked woman appears, He kept running.
Satan throws all drugs around him, diamonds, houses, everything he can think of.....
but.... the White guy reaches the top!
Satan asks him "Why... How.... How did you do that?"

And the White guy says....

"Oh, it was eeeaaasyyy you silly little goose... besides I am
Uploaded 12/07/2008
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