Save My Vagina!

There's a couple sunning themselves on a naked beach when all of a sudden a wasp flies into the woman's vagina. The guy doesn't know what to do, so he puts a towel around her and brings her to the emergency room.

They go in and the doctor says, "This is very serious. If that wasp stings her inside, that could be dangerous. What we're gonna have to do is put her on the table, you'll have to get an erection, and put some honey on the tip of your penis. You put it in, the wasp lands, you pull it out, we get the bee. It's that simple."

She's naked, she's up on the table, and the guy can't get a hardon in the middle of the ER.

The doctor says, "Well I guess it's my task."

The doctor takes down his pants and he's got a cock like you won't believe - big, thick, long dick. He takes some honey and he can barely reach the tip of his penis. Once the honey is on, he lines himself up, puts it in nice and slow, and lets out a low grunt.

He pulls it out and - nothing! He squeezes himself back in, grunting once more, and pulls it out. Again the wasp isn't there. The doctor goes in and out, in and out, in, out, in, out. The next thing you know he's going like a sewing machine.

The husband says, "What's going on?"

The doctor says, "There's been a change of plans. I'm gonna drown the little bastard!"
Uploaded 06/16/2009
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