Sex for Money

A husband and wife had been having a difficult time financially for quite awhile. The wife, who was of course very attractive and who had a healthy sexual appetite, was getting a little restless sitting home all the time. She asked her husband, who was very trusting and not jealous in the least, if he would mind if she had sex with men for money. She assured him that she would only have sex with them in her car at a secluded area of the park down the street. After much discussion, the husband relented, knowing how tight they were, and they both agreed that she should charge her customers $100 for a 30-minute session. The very first time with a customer, she was extremely aroused at the thought of having sex with the handsome stranger sitting next to her in the car. The man quickly pulled out his 10-inch erection. She grew quite flustered, thinking, "It is so much bigger than my husband’s!" But then she realized she hadn’t discussed the price. The customer said, "I only have $80?" The wife said, "Can you wait a minute? I’ll be right back!" She ran all the way home, arriving out of breath. Her husband asked, "What’s the matter, honey?" She said, trying to catch her breath, "Can I borrow $20?
Uploaded 12/18/2008
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