snake in mommy's gaage

one day a little boys mom was going to take a shower. the little boy asked" mommy i wanna take a shower with you" and the mom said "okay, but you cant look up and you cnt look down" he said okay. in the sower he looked up and asked what those were. she said "those are my headlights" and he looked down and asked what that. she said "thats my garage".
later the same little boys dad went into the shower. the little boy asked if he could come, and the father said okay, but you cant look down. the little boy said okay.
in the shower the boy looks down asked him dad"whats that?" his dad answers "thats my snake"
later that night the mom and dad are about to go to bed, when the little boy asked if he can sleep with them. they both say "okay, but you cant look under the covers"
the little boy says okay
later that night the little boy looks under the covers and screams "mommy mommy quick! turn your headlights on, theres a snake in your garage!"
Uploaded 12/17/2008
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