Snake or gas leak?

Now I know sometimes you get lost and you're like is this a snake or is it a gas leak so I'll help you figure out which one you have. Snakes and gas leaks have a lot in common, for one they can both his, another thing they have in common is that they both have a bad odor. So how do I determine which one I have Gator? You may be asking, well I'll tell you. The first method you can use is the match method, you may not have a match so I'll give you a few seconds to find one........ok now that you have your match strike it....Are you still alive or did you blow up? If you blew up you probly have a gas leak. Did you know that 9 times out of 10 a snake wont blow up if you strike a match? Well it's true. Now the second method is to get close to where the hissing and smell is comming from, when you find it start tapping on stuff and waving your hand around, now look at your hand, are there two marks near eachother that are turning colors and bleeding? If there are you probly have a snake. Ok now my third and last method is to seek out the source and once you've found it sniff it, odds are if it's a gas leak you'll probly pass out and if it's a snake you'll probly get bitten, so are you there there? and if so are you trying to talk your friend and/or family member to suck venim from one of your body parts? If none of these have accured odds are you're just boiling some tea while pickling some eggs, I hope this has been verry helpful to you.

Your friend,
Uploaded 02/27/2009
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