Snow White and the Seven dwarfs

One day Snow white and the seven dwarfs took a trip to Rome. On the trip Grumpy seems to be in a foul mood. Snow White tries to cheer him up, but nothing works. As he starts to sink into a deep depression, she asks if there is anything she can do to help. He says there is only one person on earth that could help him, The Pope. So Snow White arranges a meeting with the Pope. While Grumpy has his audience he asks the Pope, "Do you have any really short nuns here, about my height?" The Pope replies," No my son, all of our nuns are at least five feet tall." "Are you sure there are none in a habit that are about two and a half feet tall?" Grumpy asks. The Pope answers,"I am positive my son." Grumpy leaves upset and the Pope is confused, as the dwarfs leave he listens. "What did he say?" the dwarfs asked Grumpy. "They dont have any." He replies. They all form a ring around him and start chanting, "Grumpy fucked a penguin! Grump
Uploaded 06/27/2008
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