Superhero baby

A man is waiting in the hospital for his wife to give labor. when the doctor walks up to him all excited.
Doctor: Sir you have to see this, your son, he is a super hero.

The man is all confused by this statement

So the doctor takes him into the nursery and picks up the the mans baby

Doctor: See, he can fly...

and drops the baby. The baby hits the floor and bounces a little bit.
The Man gets all pissed off..

Man: Hey what the Fuck if your problem..
Doctor: NO I ASSURE YOU!! Your baby is a super hero watch, maybe he just needs a head start.

So the doctor picks the baby back up and runs through the nursery and throws the baby. The baby slams right in to the wall head first and lays on the floor.

The man is even more mad now.
Doctor: I don't know why it isn't working maybe he needs to fall further to make his flying abilities work right.

The doctor then Grabs the baby off of the floor and takes it to the window and drops him. The baby falls and lands on the pavement.

The Man is beside himself

Man: I am going to kill you you piece of shit. Why would you do that?
Doctor: No, No, It's ok, It's ok, it was just a joke, It was just a joke... Your Baby was a stillborn
Uploaded 12/12/2009
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