so there's 2 guys sitting in a bar and this beautiful girl walks in... the one guy asks his buddy should i go over there and talk to her his buddy sais nah man that's a dude im tellin ya... so a week goes by and the guys sitting at the bar and the same girl walks in, the guys thinking maybe my buddy said that because he wants her for himself, so the guy goes over there and asks if he can by her a drink and the girl goes of coarse, so they start drinking and after a couple of hours there pretty lit so he was going to try his luck. he asks if she wants to get outta here and she says yea that be they take off and she says can we pull over i gotta use the bathroom. He pulls over and while hes sittin there he starts thinking i don't wanna get home and find out maybe ill take a peek.the guy gets out and in the moonlight he sees something dangling he runs behind her and grabs it haha....
the girl says i didn't know you were queer, the guy goes i didn't know u were taking a shit.....
Uploaded 08/11/2010
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