Suuupeeer Boooobiiees

In a quiet little old nursing home, there sat an old lady named Martha. Many years ago, she was a beautiful model with very large round breasts. Now her body is old and wrinkled, and her breasts fall halfway to her knees.

One day, she felt very lonely and missed all the attention that guys used to show her in her younger years. So she strolled down the hallway and opened the first door she came to. She saw a man slightly younger than herself standing by his dresser. Martha opened up her robe revealing her aged naked body while yelling at the top of her lungs, "Suuupeeeer Booobiiiees!!!" The elderly man had little if any reaction at all to the site of her body.

She tried again and again from room to room getting nearly the same response every time. Finally, she came to the last room in the hallway. There sat the oldest man in the retirement home in his wheelchair by the door. She opened up her robe and yet again yelled "Suuupeeer Booobiiiees!!!" The old man slowly raised his head and looked at Martha. In a soft, barely audible voice the old man said, "I'll take the soup."
Uploaded 12/11/2008
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