Talking dog for sale

One day a man was driving down the street when he saw a sign on a lawn that read, "Talking dog for sale". Intrigued, he pulled over and rang the bell. A man answered and the driver asked
"Do you really have a talking dog?"
The man replied, "He's out back. See for your self."
Skeptical, the driver proceeded to the back. He approached the dog and said,
"So, you're the talking dog."
The dog replied, "Yup."
Amazed, the man begged, "So what's your story?"
The dog began to tell his remarkable tale.
"When I was a puppy it was discovered that I had the unique ability to understand and speak English. Naturally I was recruited into the CIA as a spy where I was instrumental in many investigations. I was undercover for many years and I was able to travel extensively. After some time the job simply became too dangerous and I longed for a family. I found work at the local airport as part of the drug enforcement K9 unit. I met this bitch, had a few puppies and here I am."
Astounded, the driver excused himself and went back inside to speak with the owner. The driver asked the owner,
"How much for the dog?"
The owner replied,
"Ten bucks."
"Ten bucks?!" the driver gasped. "How could such an amazing creature be worth only ten dollars?!"
The owner responded flatly,
"That dog's a fucking liar. He never did any of that."
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