Tassie Style Family Tree in the Carribean

A story about a West Indian Man....a story dat wud only happen in the
West he writes:

'Ah went wid mi fasness an get marrid to a widow who had a daughta dat

was big already.

As tings will happen mi fadda come and fall in love wit mi new step
daughta and get marrid to she. Derefor mi fadda now get to be mi
son-in-law, while at di same time, mi step daughta now become mi step
mudda...but dat ent all.

In di meantime, mi wife get pregnant an had mi son ....... mi son who
now turn out to be mi fadda brudah-in-law and also mi own uncle becaus
he is di bruddah of mi step muddah, who is also mi step daughta.

Is here tings tun real mad. Mey fadda wife now have a son, who is
technically mi brudda but in trut is mi gran chile.

Derefor, mi wife is mi granmudda cause she is mi step muddah's muddah.

So now I is mi wife husban and shi granchile at di same time! An being
di husband of a granmuddah mek me ah granfaddah- So now I end up being
mi own granfaddah............... rass!'
Uploaded 12/13/2009
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