The bear hunter.

A guy went out bear hunting one day. He saw a bear and shot it. It was a perfect shot in the head. He walked over to retrieve the dead bear and it wasn't there on the ground. He was wondering where it went. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked back and it was the bear. The bear said, "Grab your ankles."
So the hunter did and the bear started ramming him up the ass.
The next day, the hunter went back out hunting with a bigger gun. He thought, "I am going to get that damn bear this time!"
He saw the bear, shot him twice, then he noticed the bear was again not on the ground when he tried to retrieve it.
He got another tap on the shoulder. You guessed it, the bear again, saying, "Grab your ankles."
He rammed the guy up the ass again.
The next day the guy went out again, this time he had a 50 caliber machine gun with Armor piercing, explosive tip rounds.
He saw the bear and went crazy on him and filled him full of lead!
Then he got another tap on the shoulder. He looked back and saw the bear.
The bear said, "You know, "I am beginning to think that you are not really coming out here to hunt!"
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