The Bear Is a Dick

The bear, being the biggest in the forest one day decides to hold a meeting. He summons all the forest animals and tells them: "From now on all you other animals have to bring me food. I'm too lazy to fetch some myself. And not just any food, I want meat. If you bring me some shitty food like vegetables or something I will take out my huge dick and knock you out with it!"

So the next day the rabbit goes out to the field and collects a huge pile of lettuce. He prances down to the bear cave and shouts: " Hai Bear I brought you foods!".

The bear comes out of his cave, still slightly hung over from the party last night, sees the rabbit with a pile of lettuce. Standing in the mouth of the cave with a stupid grin on his face. The bear squints at the rabbit and shouts:" You stupid fuck I specifically said no shitty food, I want meat!". So the bear whips out his HUGE dick and whacks the rabbit across the face with it, knocking him out.

It takes the rabbit a few moments to come to, but when he does he immediately starts laughing, almost wetting himself. So the bear asks him:" Dude, I just knocked you out with my dick, why the hell are you laughing?". So the rabbit responds:"Cause deres the hedgehog coming with a pile of apples!".
Uploaded 03/13/2010
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