The Big Beautiful Blue Ape

A local Zoo had just got a new main attraction. It was a Big Beautiful Blue ape. The only problem about this ape was that the lot it was on was too big and nobody had ever seen it. So one night, around closing, a customer walked up to the nearest Zoo employee. He said to the employee, "Ever since I've heard about this big beautiful blue ape I've visited the Zoo 6 times and I've never seen it! Is there really a blue ape??"
The employee responded, "Yea there is. I've never seen it either. As soon as it got here it went to the back of the lot and fell asleep and everyone's too scared to wake it up because we don't know what it'll do!"
The customer says, "I'll pay you $1000 dollars to take me back there so i can get a glimpse."
The employee was hesitant because he knew how much trouble he could get in, but gave in to the bribe.
The employee took the customer back and got about 50 feet from the ape.
"DAMN! that is one BEAUTIFUL blue ape!" The
Uploaded 08/26/2008
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