The Bingo Ladies

There were three old ladies that decided to go play bingo. It was their every Thursday ladies night thing. So they get the the bingo parlor, grab their bingo markers, cards, and their margaritas. After a few games the ladies are feeling pretty unlucky as they have yet to win a bingo. After all of the rounds have played out, the final and jackpot round comes. It is announced as "Blackout Bingo." The ladies feel like it has to be their round. The grand prize of $10,000 dollars has to be theirs. It has to be their night because this was the one Thursday a year where the grand prize is set at the highest level. So they decided to switch out their bingo cards for new cards. Maybe these new cards will give them some new luck. By this time the bingo hall has filled to capacity and everyone is vying for the grand prize. But the ladies are not worried. They can sense that it has to be one of their time to win. So its off, the bingo caller is naming off numbers. Number hit here, number hit there. The ladies are actually off to a good start. As time rolls on each lady actually has one number left. Who is going to win or will anyone win giving their luck on this day. The caller pulls out a ball and leans over to the microphone. He announces "B7" the three ladies look down at each others card and then down to their own. The all have B7! They all three have one! BINGO!!! they all cry out at the same time. "We have a winner!" calls out the bingo caller. But then...........

A masked gunman walks into the Bingo hall killing them all and stealing the grand prize 10,000 and walks away never to be caught.
Uploaded 01/02/2009
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