The black cat statue

A guy walks into an antique store and sees this beautiful black marble cat statue, and asks the store owner "how much for the cat?" The owner responds, "$50 dollars for the cat, and $100 for the story behind the cat." The guy says, "here's $50 bucks, I don't care about the story behind the cat." The owner insists he purchase the story behind the cat, but the guy refuses and just buys the cat.
As the guy drives off with the black marble cat statue, he notices in his rear view mirror a bunch of black cats chasing him. He shruggs it off and continues on his way. Ten minutes go buy, he then notices that there are several hundred black cats chasing him. He panicks a little quickly drives to the top of a bridge, pulls over and throws the black marble cat statue he just purchased into the ocean. To his amazement, thousands of black cats that were chasing him all jumped in after the black cat statue and plunged to their deaths in the ocean.
The guy drives back to the antique store and looks for the store owner who sold him the cat statue. The owner quickly recognizes him and says, "aha!, I knew you'd be back for the story behind the cat!" The guy responds, " the hell with the story, do you happen to have a statue of Martin Luther King?"
Uploaded 10/07/2009
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