The Bus Driver and the Nun

A man gets onto a city bus and sees an attractive nun. Wanting to have sex with her, he goes up and asks, “Will you have sex with me?”

"Of course not!" the nun said unnervingly and got off the bus

Before the depressed man left the bus, the bus driver stops him and says, “I know how you can screw her: On Sundays, she prays at the local cemetery. While she’s praying, dress as God and she’ll have sex with you. Put on a mask, robes, and a lot of glitter.”

That Sunday, the man takes the advice, gets into the costume and hides behind a gravestone. Shortly, the nun appears and prays.

The man pops out from the gravestone and declares, “I am God, and I command you to have sex with me.”

The nun replies, "Sure, but only if we have anal sex.”

So they have anal sex.

After sex the man rips off his mask and laughs, “I’m not God! I’m that man from the bus! Ha!”

Immediately the nun rips off her mask and says "Ha! I'm the bus driver!&
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