The Captain's Pants

On one fine sunny day out in the Caribbean, Captain Jack was informed by his lookout that there were 3 Pirate ships spotted about 10 miles out. The Captain turned to his First Mate and said, "Go fetch me my red pants."

The Captain then informed the crew that they were going to fight the Pirates and that this would most likely be a bloody battle.

The crew and the Pirates meet and do battle and the Captain and his crew are victorious with only three dead and fifteen wounded out of his crew of one hundred. As the crew is celebrating with their Captain, the First Mate asks him, "Sir, why did you wear your red pants for that battle?"

The Captain responds, "I wore them so that if I were to get injured in battle, no one would notice and would continue fighting." The crew is amazed that their Captain is so noble and make a toast for long life to their Captain.

The next day, the lookout informs the Captain that he has spotted over fifty Pirate ships about ten miles out. The Captain turns to his First Mate and calmly says, "Go fetch my brown pants."
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