The Clinton's visit Hillary's home town.

During President Bill Clinton's second term in office The Clinton's decide to visit
Hillary's home town. They visit Hillary's old high school, they stop by the restautant
Hillary used to work at and eat a meal there.

On the way out to the airport President Clinton decides he wants a Snickers bar. He
informs the Secret Service driver to stop at the truck stop on the way out of town. The
Clintons' both go into the truck stop. President Clinton goes and finds a Snickers bar. He
goes to the counter and pays for the candy bar. He turns around and sees Hillary talking
to someone. He approaches them.

Hillary sees him coming and says, "Tommy, this is my husband President Bill Clinton.
Bill, this is Tommy. We were High School sweethearts. He owns this truckstop."

President Clinton puts his hand out and shakes Tommy's hand.

"Nice to meet you Tommy."

Both Clinton's say goodbye to Tommy and head out to the limo. When they are both in
the limo President Clinton turns to Hillary and says:

"See Hillary, if you wouldn't of met me you would be married to the owner of a truck
stop and not the President of the United States."

Hillary turns to him and says:

"No Bill, if I wouldn't of met you I'd be STILL be married to the President of the United
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