The Crooked Store Owner

1 day a beautiful woman with amazing breasts walks into a store to shop. The owner is at the register and says to her "You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life." to which she thanks him...He continues to ring up her stuff and says "I've got a deal for you...If i drop $100 i get to fuck you until you pick it up as soon as you grab the $100 you can leave." The woman replies I am married and my husband would not like that...So she goes home and tells her husband about what happened to which he says "Honey, how hard could it be just grab the $100 and leave, he can't have sex with you that fast. So she returns the next day and tells the owner that she would like to participate. He says ok and they continue with the agreement. The lady goes home and her husband says "Ok, so what happened?" she says i got the $100..but he fucked me three times...her husband says "How did he manage to do that?" she replies..."The son of a bitch dropped the money in Quarters"
Uploaded 01/13/2008
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