The Duck Hunter

One night as a cop was making his usual rounds he decided to park next to a bar and catch a drunk driver as he left the bar. Well he saw one of the several DUCK HUNTERS leave the bar. This man tried three cars before he was able to make it to his old reliable truck, stumbling the entire way. As the man buckled up and headed down the street the Police Officer decided to follow this obviously drunk hunter. After watching this man gracefully swerve into both lanes for a few miles the cop turned his lights on and pulled the man over. As the over cocky cop approached the man's truck he could smell the rotten stench of beer and alcohol. Before even asking for license or registration he had the man get out of the vehicle and gave him a breathilizer. But to the cops surprise the man was as sober as can be. He did this a few more times and decided to give him every soberity test he could think of: walking the straight line, ABC's backwords, the whole nine yards. The man passed every test with flying colors. After all this the cop had to ask him how in gods name was he able to pass all the tests and while being so drunk. The hunter just smiled and said, "I am just a decoy."
Uploaded 11/30/2008
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