the engineer in hell

once upon a time there was an engineer that died and went to hell. when he got there, he was very dissapointed at the shape hell was in. therefore, he worked hard day and night to make hell a nicer place, fixing the toilets, adding an a/c, building luxurious houses for the residents of hell, etc. finally after a lot of hard work, the standard of living of hell actually became more than heaven. ever since the begining, heaven always had better things than hell, so st. peter got jealous and demanded that the devil give the engineer up to heaven.

st peter: ive changed my mind, the engineer can stay in heaven

devil: that engineer greatly improved the quality of life for people in hell, there is no way we'll give him up. anyway why would he WANT to go. hell is now a better place, you are the one that kicked him out in the first place, now scram!

now st peter as like the king of heaven was not used to not having his way so he just gets super pissed off

St peter: You better give up the engineer or else we'll... or else.... or else we'll sue you!

Devil: bring it on, we have all the lawyers down here too!
Uploaded 04/23/2009
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