The gates of Heaven

An Architect an Engineer and a Council Worker were in a bus accident, died and went to heaven.
St Peter said, "Sorry chaps we're full up only room for one more. I'll let you decided which one".
The Architect said, "How about you ask us a question and the one with the best answer gets in"?
"O.K.", said St Peter, "When god created breasts he was an artist. In what vane did God create the vagina"?
The Architect sprang up and immediately answered, "When creating the vagina God was an architect. He obviously designed it well and, utilising the best materials, ensured it would function for the duration of its useful lifetime".
"Good answer", says St. Peter.
At that point the Engineer jumps up and said, "No NO NO! God was most certainly an engineer. He placed it in exactly the right location and angle, it's self lubricating and does its job efficiently".
"Very Good answer", exclaimed St. Peter. At which point the Council Worker stood and says, "I'm sorry you're both wrong. God's a Local Council".
"We don't get it", they all remarked.
"Who else would stick a beauty spot next to shit hole"?
"Come in", says St. Peter.
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