The gay, Jew and Italian.

Three men died and found themselves standing in line at the pearly gates. One was gay, another Italian, the other was Jewish.

At the gates of Heaven, these three were told that they had led a sinful life and each would be granted one last chance to redeem himself to get into Heaven. But, they each had to make a sacrifice.

The gay man wasn't allowed to practice sodomy, the Jew wasn't allowed to pick any money up off the ground and the Italian wasn't allowed to have pizza. They only had to make this sacrifice for one day.

They were sent back down to Earth. They were walking along and the Italian said, "This is gonna be easy!" But then, right as he said that, they passed a pizza parlor and the Italian could smell the pizza.

"Oh, mama-mia! That smells good! One little bite couldn't hurt!" The Italian took a bite and disappeared.

At this point the Jew and gay man knew that they had to have willpower. So, they walked a little more when the Jew saw a dime rolling his way. He got a look of glee in his eye and said, "One little dime won't do anything!"

He bent over to pick up the dime and the gay man disappeared.
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