The Golf Shot

The Golf Shot
A couple decides to go golfing to the best golf course
in their state. While playing, the husband tells his wife
to be very careful, as there were many houses along
the golf course, but the wife swings her club and breaks
one of the windows of the biggest house on the course.
The husband and wife decide to go and apologize to the
owner of the house. When they reach the house they
find a glass bottle lying on the floor broken into hundreds
of pieces. They then find an old man sitting in a rocking
chair in the corner. "I am a genie and I would like to thank
you for letting me free from this bottle,” the old man says,
“and I would like to grant you two wishes, but the third
wish is mine." The husband thinks about it for a moment
and says, "I want a private aircraft for myself." The wife
says, “I would like a house in every single country in the
world.” The genie agrees and says, "For the past 200 years
I h
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