The Magical Frog

There once was a man with a 25in. penis, this man had a very difficult life because of his so called "gift". One day he decides to go to a doctor to have his penis opperated on for it to shrink. the Doctor tells the man, "Im sry sir, but there is no known surgerey for something like this, but I'll tell you what. There is a stroy of a magical pond and in this magical pond is a magical frog, ask this magical frog if he would like to marry you and everytime he says no, legend says that ur penis will shrink 5in." So the man traveled off to find this magical frog, after many days searching he finally finds the magical pond, and in it the magical frog. The man is so excited, then yells out, "MAGICAL FROG! MAGICAL FROG! WILL YOU MARRY ME!?" The frog is very confused and yells back "...No!" Suddenly the man feels a senseation in his pants and realizes that his dick has shrunkin 5in. Excited he yells out again. "MAGICAL FROG! MAGICAL FROG! WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!" Annoyed the frog yells out "No god damnit!" Again another 5in. shrinks from the man's dick. Happy, the man thinks to himdelf "let me ask one more time, then I'll leave." The man yells out "MAGICAL FROG! MAGICAL FROG! WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?" Very upset the frog turns to him and yells out " NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! FUCKING DAMINT I SAID NO!!!!!!!"
Uploaded 04/25/2010
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