The Mental Institution

At a mental house, the warden decided they were overcrowded, One day, they thought of a way to keep the population down. They had all the crazies bring an object up and tell them what it is. So all of them brought stuff up to the keeper. One crazy brought a pillow. The keeper asked: what do you have there? the crazy then said, this is my baby. so they took her back to her room. another one brought a box, and said it was a time machine. others brought a sofa and said it was a car... Finally, when the got to the last crazy, they noticed he was draging a matchbox by a string he had tied to it. Hopelesly they asked: what do you have there? to their surprise he said: This is a matchbox tied to a string. Doubthfully they insisted and asked: Are you sure that's not your dog? Angered the crazy said: Does that look like a dog to you? Evidently, they were dealing with a sane man, so they made the desition to let him go...
Three steps outside the Asylum, the crazy then turned to the matchbox and exitedly yelled, "WE FOOLED THEM FIDO, WE FOOOOOLEEEDD THEM!!!!!
Uploaded 03/18/2010
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