The Moral of the Story is....

A falcon, an eagle, a raven and a cardinal are getting wasted at the top of a very tall cliff, arguing over who is the best flyer.

The falcon exclaims, "I am the best flyer because I can reach speeds over 100 mph and mate in mid-air."

The eagle shakes his head and proudly boasts, "Yes, but I am a greater flyer because I can snatch fish out of water while in flight and am the symbol of the greatest nation on earth."

At hearing these boasts the raven chimes in, "You two are big and fast, that's for sure, but I am strong too and my smaller size allows me to take off from and land on the even the smallest patch of land."

Finally, the little cardinal clears his throat and quietly says, "I don't want to brag, but I think we all know that I am the best overall flyer. I am small and agile and very strong for my size."

The falcon, eagle and raven start laughing at the cardinal in disbelief.

"Okay," says the cardinal, "Let's take turns flying from this cliff to that tiny pine tree down in the valley and we'll see once and for all who is the best flyer."

The falcon steps up to the edge, looks back at the others and says, "This is so easy I could do this with my eyes closed." At that he turns and leaps skyward only to quickly fall straight to the cliff bottom and his death.

The others are shocked but the eagle brags, "That is too bad for our friend, but he should have known not to challenge me. I'll see you at the tree." He flaps furiously, hangs in the air for the briefest moment and quickly plunges to his demise. Crushed on the rocks below.

"My gosh," cries the cardinal, "What do you think happened?"

"Sadly," says the raven, "I don't think he had enough headwind to support his larger size. I on the other hand do not need wind to take off. Wish me luck."

The cardinal salutes his friend and watches in disbelief as his last friend plummets to his death; joining his two friends who went before him.

"Farewell, my friends." says the cardinal. "You died honorably and I shall fly a circle over your fallen bodies in tribute to our friendship."

He holds his head high, whispers a short prayer and reaches for the clouds only to spiral awkwardly to his doom along side his companions.

And the moral of the story....NFL players should not get stoned at the tops of steep cliffs.
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