The Old Blonde Lady and the breast implants

There were once two old friends. One was blonde, around 60 or so years old, the other friends was 55, and was a brunette all her life. Both of the friends were White. The Brunette had just started going through a mid-life crisis, she though she was ugly and no one though she was sexy.

One day after getting a big raise at work the brunette had the greatest idea possible. In order to be hot, she would get breast implants. The blonde friends just went along with the plan and said it was a great plan.

After going to the plastic surgeon, the brunette came back with samples and called the blonde friend over.

"Oh my, there are pictures of naked women on the table!" The blonde said.

"yes, they are samples of how I can get them done." the brunette answered. She continued I think I like these...

The brunette pointed to a photo, the blonde looked, then stared, and made a lot of concentrated looks, she finally said. "I love the texture, the shape, the softness... But do you think Black really suits you?
Uploaded 11/12/2008
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