The Piano Player

So a man goes into a bar and orders a drink and as he sits down he notices beautiful piano melodies. When he looks to the piano up front to see whose glorious fingers the beautiful number was coming from, he sees no one. He then quickly asks the bartender 65533Is that one of those pianos that plays by itself?65533 The barkeep says 65533No, my little piano player is back there.65533 Expecting to see the barkeep65533s young son or daughter perhaps based on how he said that, the man stands to get a better look and reveal who is playing. To his utter surprise, he sees a tiny man going to town and passionately firing into the keys, feeling it, with his eyes closed. Stunned, the man says 65533Wow! Awesome! Where did he come from?65533 The barkeep responds, 65533I was walking along the beach and came across a lamp. Pretending I was Aladdin or something I rubbed it, and low and behold, next thing u know the little guy appears. Of course, the man is so impressed that the next day he goes to the same beach and finds the lamp! Triumphantly, he rubs it and says, 65533I wish for a million bucks!65533 All of a sudden, lightning strikes and thousands and thousands of ducks start falling from the sky in a bizarre, feathery scene of madness. The guy is of course furious so he goes back to the bar, storms up to the bartender, and says 65533Hey bro, what the hell? The bartender says, 65533You think I asked for a 14 inch pianist?65533
Uploaded 05/16/2012
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