The Three Flea's

One day, 3 flea’s were looking for shelter. They see a very beautiful woman walk by them, so they hop on and decide to sleep on her for the night. One slept on her head, another slept under her arm pit, and another in her Vagina. The next day, They hopped off of her, and bounced onto her dog, where they talked about their rest on the woman. The one who slept on her head said "man, i slept on a cold mountain top. it smelled nice though, but it was way to cold". The other who slept in her arm pit said: "I slept in a suffocating fold, that smelled really bad, and would begin to have water pour from all over the walls! it was horrible" Then the last flea who slept in her vagina said "man, i slept in a really nice cave. It had an odd smell, but i loved it. The only thing i hated about it, was this fucking bald asshole who kept running in, pounding me against the walls, and spitting in my damn face!"
Uploaded 12/07/2008
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