The Thumbs Up Joke

Johny Luck was in Vegas. He thought with his last name he couldnt go wrong. Well he was wrong. For seven days he had been wrong. Ol Johny Luck was down on his luck. Infact Johny was down to his last ten bucks. Checking account empty, credit cards maxed. Hell he didnt even know how he was gona get back to the airport.
Looking back at the Casino that now held all of his life savings he just shruged his shoulders. What a man. He stepped to the street and saw a cab already parked there waiting. As he opened the door and stuck his head in the cab he asked the cabby the fat fuck that was driving "hey guy how much for a ride to the airport?". The fucking fat ass cabby says "O about ten bucks". Jumping into the cab johny says "Great all I got is ten bucks". The fat cabby snaps his head to look at him and screams "NO FUCKING WAY.... GET THE FUCK OUT FROM MY CAB.... YOU THINK IM GONA GIVE YOU A RIDE KNOWING YOUR NOT GONA TIP!". What an asshole is all Johny could think as he got out and backed away from his cab.
After about ten minutes of trying to hail a cab while the fucking fat bastard was just lauphing at him. He gave up and went back into the casino to gamble his last ten dollors. Hoping to at least win enough to get that fat fuck to give him a ride to the airport. The first pull on a slot pays him five hundred dollors. He definetly had enough to get back to the airport now. So he just cashed out and went back outside.
Looking towards the street he sees that there are now two cabs parked next to the curb. They are both registerd to the same company. He gets an Idea to get back at the fat fuck who is still parked there. Hoping into the new cabbys ride he pulls out his five hundred in cash and waves it at the cabby while he asks "Give me a ride to the airport and suck my dick for 500?". The new cabby just shakes his head and replys "your fucking nutz get outa my cab". With a shrug he hops out. Jumping into the freakin fat fucking bastards cab he simply says "twenty bucks a good enough tip?". "Sure" says the flipin fat freak fucking bastard replys. As they pull away Johny puts on the biggest shit eating grin and gives the new cabbie a thumbs up as he rolls by.
Uploaded 12/07/2008
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