Things to do in a college classroom

•Pray out loud to allah.
•Pick your nose.
•Get on your knees and crawl out to the class to the bathroom.
•Breathe loudly and heavily.
•Write a sex story and include your teacher in it, hand it in to the teacher and demand for extra credit.
•Text to yourself and laugh out loud when you receive your own message.
•Tense your face, moan for 10 seconds, and beg your teacher to use the bathroom
•During a hot spring or summer day, come into class wearing heavy winter clothing and talk to others about how cold the weather is.
•Set your phone alarm to vibrate and the time for end of class, put on earplugs and sleep during the whole class.
•Walk into class wearing a black suit with a blue tooth head set and a pair of sunglasses, move your head a little side to side and say “Roger that” or “That’s a negative” every few minutes.
•Ask the teacher if he/she is gay.
•Stare at the teacher and lick your lips, looking sexually aroused.
•Drink milk, soda, and eat black beans, when you feel like it’s there, let it rip.
•When the teacher asks the class a question, raise your hand, when he calls on you claim you were just stretching your arm. Do this during the whole class.
•In any tests except for math test, write a mathematical equation and solve it in every question. You are guaranteed to fail the test but you will throw the teacher way off.
•Wear Speedos to class, if anyone asks, tell them you want it’s too hot.
•If you’re in a computer class, watch porn videos.
•Cut your nails in the middle of class.
•When the teacher states an obvious fact, tell him to prove it.
•Get into a heated debate with yourself over politics.
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