three gay couples

There were three couples going on a honeymoon together and they were all gay.
On the way to their honeymoon destination, the plane crashes and each mate loses the other.
Upon arrival, they find a preacher to set up funeral arrangements.

Preacher: So, how do you think the funeral should be done?

Partner 1: I feel cremation would be best. Then I could spread his ashes all over nature trails, and the creek, and all over where we spent vacations since he liked the outdoors.

Preacher: That is a wonderful idea. How about you? (partner 2)

Partner 2: I also feel that cremation would be best. I would spread his ashes at the football fields, baseball fields, and other sport facilities since he loved sports.

Preacher: That too is a wonderful idea. And how about you sir? (partner 3)

Partner 3: I am also going to do cremation.

Preacher: Well what are you going to do with the ashes.

Partner 3: I am going to put them in the hottest pot of chili I possibly can.

Preacher: And why is that?

Partner 3: Cause I want him to tear my asshole up one last time.
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