Three Guys and Obama

A white guy, black guy, and a Hispanic guy are sitting at a bar in DC. The black man says, " I'm sho glad Obama is the president. All of us bruthas are gonna get ours for once!" The white guy says, "He's half white and acts like one so wrong there." The Hispanic guy says, "Well I think he hates us because he let BP kill our gulf plus I think he's an asshole. And I heard he actually is a G."
All of a sudden Obama comes into the bar with 2 secret servicemen and sits next to the three men. They all gasp in amazement. Then they start arguing again. Obama interrupts and says, " First you, nugra, I got in the whitehouse to get MINE! Second, cracka, If I'm talkin like dis I definitely ain't takin from my momma's side.The shit on TV is dubbed over with some rich ass white guy's voice, not mine. Last, beanie sigil, you are correct. I did kill that gulf, and I'm gonna put it in a rap song..... wait Rodrigo is that you? Damn that's good shit I didn't even reconize ya! Why aren't you in the Presidential bathroom cleanin. I just took a nasty taco bell shit in there too. Get yo ass back there and get yo 2 dollas an hour.
The Hispanic guy looks back at the other two and says,"See, told ya he's a G and an asshole."
Uploaded 11/18/2010
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