Three Men--Only One Spot

Three men are standing in front of St. Peter outside of Heaven's gates. He tells the men that he unfortunately has only one spot for the three men, and wants them to tell him how they each died to see who deserves the spot.
The first man says: I was standing outside the door to my apartment, and I knew that my wife had been cheating on me and I wanted to catch that dirty whore in the act. So I throw open the door and run in. I see her lying naked in bed. I know the fucker is still in here. I grab my baseball bat and starting opening every closet door, hes not here. But then I look outside and off of the balcony, i see fingers gripping onto the edge. I run out and bash his fingers in and he falls, but he lands in bushes and doesn't die. So I go and get my fridge to throw it off the balcony and i have a heart attack and die as I'm doing it but I get it off.
2nd Man says: I'm exercising on my balcony on my 13th floor apartment as I always do. And somehow I tripped and fell off the ba
Uploaded 10/28/2008
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