Three wishes

So a bear and a rabbit are walking through the woods..... when suddenly the rabbit trips over a lamp... wtf mate its a fuckin lamp says the rabbit, the bear then grabes the lamp and rubes it three times cuz thats what you would do if you found a lamp.

a genee comes out and says for freeing me from my eternal slumber i will grant you both three wishes. so the bear says i want all the bears in this forest to be female except for me.

the genee grants his wish then the rabbit thinks for a bit and wishes for a helmet, as hes putting it on the bear is appuald that he would waste his wish like that .
the bear makes his second wish... i wish all the bears on this contenent were female except for me . his wish is granted

then the rabbit wishes for a motor bike the bear cant belive it ..... the rabbit then jumps on a revs the engine.

the bear then wishes all the bears in the world were female except for him.
then the rabbit says i wish the bear was gay and speeds off on his bike.
Uploaded 08/02/2008
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