Tiger Woods joke 2

It was the last day of school for little Johnny, and his entire 3rd grade class. The teacher told them that she was going to give 3 different famous statements from American history, and they were supposed to raise there hands and answer with which famous person made the statement.
The Teacher asked "Who said 'I have a dream?"
Little Suzie cried out "Martin Luther King, Jr.!!"
The Teacher replied "correct Suzie, you may leave early"
Little Johnny got mad.
Then the teacher asked, "Who said 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"?
Little Sally cried "John F. Kennedy!!"
The teacher said "correct sally, you may leave early"
Little Johnny got even more mad!
The teacher asked "Who said 'Four score and seven years ago...?"
Little Emily cried out "Abraham Lincoln!!"
The teacher said "correct Emily, you may leave early..."
Knowing that was the last question, and Johnny's chance of going home early was lost now, he angrily shouted aloud "I wish like hell these stupid bitches would keep there mouths shut!!"
The teacher looked up from her desk, and yelled "Who said that!?"
johnny replied "TIGER WOODS DID...CAN I GO HOME NOW?!"
Uploaded 02/23/2010
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