Trio Jokes

These are the best trio jokes i can think of, substitute your friends names and make them laugh or think about hurting you....enjoy.

(Guy 1), (Guy 2), and (Guy 3) were driving through town when they were pulled over by a cop. The cop walks up to the window of the car and says, " Fellas the reason I pulled you over is because you were going 35 over the limit, but I've got a deal for you since I am a nice guy. If all your peckers measure to foot exactly I will let you go." So (Guy 1) unzips and pulls it out and they measure it 5 inches, (Guy 2) whips his out and it measure to 6 inches, (guy 3) drops trousers and it comes to be exactly 1 inch. The cop says, "Guys I really thought I was going to get you, but I am a man of my word you are free to go on." While driving away a little time passed and (Guy 3) leans up from the back seat and says, "Fellas I got to admit...if it wasn't for that boner back there we would have been screwed...."

Joke 2
(Person 1), (Person 2), and (Person 3) all died tragically and are sitting in the waiting room of Heaven. They were sitting there for what felt like a few hours when they notice two clocks on the wall. The clocks were set at two different time and did not move since they have been there. Suddenly a door opens and God walks in saying "OK you three are next come on in..." (Person 1) says, "Hold up God I've got something to ask. We have been sitting here for about a couple of hours and these clocks have not budge one minute..." Gods replies, "(Person 1), I am glad you brought that up. You see the clock on the right, every time you touch yourself or have a dirty thought go through your mind that clock makes one rotation. (Person 2) the clock on the left is your clock and the same thing will happen to it as well." (Person 3) asks, " God where is my clock at?" God states, "(Person 3) I am going to be honest with you....I keep that shit in my room as a fan."
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