Ways to really piss people off and get arrestedbeat up

1. Go to a store. When you see a little kid, stoop down to his level, and give him a big BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! If tears ensue, you did it right. Run away from the dad that will inevitably try to kick your ass.

2. Find a crying little kid. Tell him that whatever he is crying about now will feel like nothing when they find out there isn't a santa. Run away from the dad that will again, inevitably try to kick your ass.

3. Pose as an employee in a store somewhere. When a customer asks if you work there, get huge eyes and say yes. When they ask you if you can tell them where something is, scream no, in a long drawn out fashion, as long as you can hold it. For added effect, jump up and down with your legs spread waving your arms, and start throwing things at the customer (preferably something light, like packaged socks , but feel free to get creative).

4. Find a pallet with some merchandise on it. If there is a pallet jack under it (unlikely), run with it, jump out of the way and let it hit a wall, another shelf etc. and watch shit go flying. I would suggest something not breakable, but be as creative as you want.

5. Have a mental breakdown. Just flop on the floor somewhere and start screaming bloody murder. Curl up holding your head screaming get away and other crazy things, then suddenly stop,
get up and walk away like nothing happened.

6. Pretend like you're stealing something. When someone goes to stop you scream rape, and scream it bloody...fucking...murder. Struggle, and continue screaming rape (and/or things about them inserting their fingers in your ass) as you're escorted out, thrashing about like a fucking maniac.

7. Lastly, make a stupid ebaums world name, and post a shit load of shitty jokes. XP

This page is not responsible for any outcome that may result from doing one of these things. In other words, if you do any of these things, you're a fucktard. XP
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