West Virginia State Fair...

A young girl from WV hears on the radio that the state fair was coming to town, she began to get very excited! Not many exciting things come to WV, so the fair is a very big deal!
So the little girl approaches her dad, and quietly asks,
"Daddy... The fair is coming to town tomorrow, i was hoping maybe you could take me this year...". She waited for a reply.
The Father looks down at her, deep in thought. He replied, "Well, although we are on a very tight budget, we might be able to make some type of arrangement." The father paused for a second while the little girls face lit up like a christmas tree.
The father continued "I will take you to the fair, if you put daddys penis in your mouth and suck on it like a lollipop."
The little girl was shocked, but desperately wanting to go to the fair, she agreed, and began to unzip her fathers jeans.
As soon as she put her mouth on her fathers penis, she gagged from the horrible taste. She said to her dad "DADDY!! Your wee-wee tastes like POO-POO!!!!"
Her father replied "Well, your little brother wanted to go too!"
Uploaded 12/29/2010
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