Where were you?

One day a drunk bum walks into a really old bar. He hasn't taken a crap in days and has to go really bad. So he walks up to the guy behind the counter and asks "where's the bathroom?" and the man tell him "it's up the stairs and to the right." so the bum stumbles up the stairs and instead goes to the left. when he opens the door there is nothing but a hole in the floor. the bum has to go really bad so he just squats over the hole and takes the biggest shit of his life. after about five minutes he leaves and walks back downstairs feeling better, but stops at the bottom of the stairs. the whole place is busted up. windows are broken, tables and chairs are flipped over, people are passed out, and it smells like the holocaust. so the bum runs over to the bartender and asks "What the hell happened down here?" and the bartender asks "what do you mean what happened? Where were you when the shit hit the fan?"
Uploaded 07/27/2009
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Tags: bum bar shit