Wine Taster At Bar

A wine taster went into a bar and asks the bartender for a fifty year old glass of red wine. The bartender pours him a drink, the man drinks it and immediately spits it out, and yells “This is a 43 year old red wine! I asked for a 50”

A few people at the bar applaud him for his knowledge. He wipes his lip and says “Its ok. Just give me a 35 year old glass of white wine”

The bartender serves him again, the man tries it, and cannot bring himself to swallow the drink. Furious he yells at the bartender “This is not a 35 year old wine, its only 27 years old”

Once again the people at the bar applaud his great taste. He then asks for a simple seven year old beer. The bar tender gives him a can and he says “Its not exactly seven years but not bad.”

When he’s done with the drink the bartender comes back and says “Some guy at the other end of the bar told me he wanted to get you a drink”

He thanks the man and raises his glass to him, and takes a sip. Disgusted he screams “God this tastes like piss!” To which the guy at the end of the bar jumps up and asks “How old am I?!”
Uploaded 06/17/2009
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